How can I help my tooth grow in faster?

Before I started my orthodontic work (when I was in seventh grade), my orthodontist told me that I'd need to have my right canine pulled because the tooth above it had shifted or something or other, and it wouldn't come out on it's own. Me being the determined little kid I was, got the tooth out all by myself. No tooth grew in for about a year and a half, it was just gum. Now, I'm a senior in high school and that tooth is about 2/3 of the way grown in. This might sound stupid, but is there any way that I can help my tooth grow in quicker? Or is patience the only answer?

How can I help my tooth grow in faster?
I doubt that anything will make your teeth grow in faster. Sorry.
Reply:have you tried miracle grow?
Reply:eat healthy food...especially rich in protein and drinka lot of milk
Reply:You can't make it grow faster, sweetie. The tooth is on it's own time table.
Reply:flintstone vitamins
Reply:go to a dentist

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Lydia O said...

Ok I'm not a dentist or anything but I remember I got a canine pulled in April and it was barely even growing like at all and then over the summer I just unintentionally had a lot of milk and my tooth was coming down kinda fast so that might help but maybe not.

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